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『 CUSTOMIZE YOUR NAME ON HOLOGRAPHIC BASKETBALL 』-- New generation reflective material is used in this Milachic holographic basketball, makes the basketball more durable and achieve better holographic effect. The perfect holographic basketball effect is to take photos or vedios with the camera flash on. We can customized your name on this holographic basketball by laser engraving, don't worry about fading.
『 BETTER GLOWING EFFECT NO BATTERIES NEEDED 』- New fluorescent material is used in this Milachic glow in the dark basketball, makes the basketball more durable and achieve better glowing effect. After irradiated by sunlight or other strong light, the basketball can glow naturally without battery for over 4 hours continuously in dark. Stronger and longer sunshine will makes the basketball glows brighter and keeps longer.
『 SPECIAL CONSTELLATION PATTERN DESIGN, COOL GIFT 』- This fluorescent glow in the dark basketball is a unique and cool basketball gift for basketball lovers. Different size to choose for all ages basketball players. Size 5 (27.5") for ages 5 - 8 years old; Size 6 (28.5") for women’s ages 9 years and over, for men’s ages 9 - 12 years old; Official size 7 (29.5") for men’s ages 13 years and over.
『 PERFECT FOR NIGHT BASKETBALL ACTIVITIES 』- MILACHIC night ball basketball can glow in the dark with a clear bright green light, perfect for street night basketball activities.
『 DURABLE HYGROSCOPIC PU LEATHER PROVIDE EXCELLENT HAND FEEL 』- MILACHIC glow in the dark basketball is made with premium composite PU leather with 100% nylon windings and flexible butyl bladder to maintain a good bounciness and shape retention. Durable, wear-resistant and not easy to leak suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Basketball also provides a nice grip that all basketball players love.
『 FREE REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS 』- 24 hours customer service online, you will get 100% customer support, if you have any questions about our basketballs please feel free to let us know.
Custom Holographic Basketball
WHY IT IS ,Milachic?
MILACHIC was founded in 2010, dedicated to producing and selling various ball sports products, including basketball, football, rugby, volleyball, and more. We are committed to providing high-quality sports products for sports fans and enthusiasts.
Our brand name "MILACHIC" comes from the combination of the English words "miracle" and "chic". We believe that sports can bring miracles, and our product design combines fashion elements with sports elements, creating unique and charming ball sports products.
We are a young and energetic team, so we want to create high-quality products based on our 13 years of rich production experience, at the same time design a distinctive product appearance, so as to make more people love basketball love sports, and attract more like-minded people not only in reality but also on the Internet.
When you play ,Milachic basketball, keep an eye out for your passion, when you love what you do, what looks like work to others is simply an enjoyable activity to you. This is why passionate athletes are often the first ones to practice, and the last ones to leave.
Holographic Basketball
MILACHIC Fluorescent Constellation Basketball Glow in the Dark
How glowing basketball works?
This fluorescent glow-in-the-dark basketball does not need any batteries, it's easy to glow, just put it under the sunshine, or other strong light for a while and the irradiated basketball will glow in the dark for more than 4 hours naturally. And stronger and longer time sunshine or other strong light will make the basketball glows brighter and keeps longer, especially when the surroundings are dark.
Made with durable, composite hygroscopic leather for optimal grip.
Suitable for all kinds of indoor & outdoor floors, such as the synthetic court, cement floor, concrete floor, rubber floor, and wooden floor, etc.
Butyl rubber bladder for excellent air and shape retention.
Please note that all soccer balls are shipped deflated to ensure safety on transport, you could inflate it by air pump before use. Please lubricate the ball needles before inflating.
Basketballs Packages Including:
1* Glow in the dark basketball
1* Inflator
1* Waterproof ball bag
2* Ball needles
1* Instructions
Please note that all basketballs are shipped deflated to ensure safety on transport, you could inflate it by air pump before use. Please lubricate the ball needles before inflating.
Good airtightness and steadily bounce.
The primary function of a basketball structure is to secure air well, MILACHIC basketball has a reinforced leak-proof air valve and air-tight butyl bladder with 100% nylon windings to maintain optimal ball pressure, good bounciness, and shape retention, you can get a better hand-feel to control the ball.
MILACHIC basketball provides a superior level of grip
MILACHIC fluorescent glow basketball is made of premium composite PU leather which has good durability and with its 35000 individual grip pebbles, makes the basketball provides a superior level of grip so that the ball doesn’t slip out of the basketball player's hands while dribbling, passing, shooting, and rebounding.
Special gift for all ages basketball lovers
Are you looking for a stand-out, eye-popping basketball gift? This glow-in-the-dark constellation basketball is a special and practical basketball gift, every basketball player needs at least one good basketball, it doesn't hurt to have two! MILACHIC basketball is a great gift for every basketball player.

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